• Fully integrated grip + shaft 

  • Enables square faced putting

  • Connects with any putter head

Better yet...it conforms with the rules of golf

Complete and Custom Fit Putters

Eva Rogers (Top Teaching Pro)
showcases several ways to give you an edge

  • What Putter Head Can I Use?

    We fit to ANY putter head.

  • Ordering and Fitting Process

    Simply place your order after purchasing we will contact you directly.

  • How Is Caliber Golf Different?

    This grip allows you the freedom to place your hands anywhere.

Conforms with the rules of golf

We have partnered with industry leaders to offer the best putter heads. Including Bettinardi Golf, Sub-70 Golf & others. Review collection below.

Caliber Golf is the first carbon fiber hockey shaft putting grip+shaft that conforms with the rules of golf. Hold it how you like, this golf innovation gives players more control on the green.