Complete Putter (or) Custom Fit to Your Putter.

Step 1

Select a new putter head or send us your current putter to be fitted.

Step 2

Choose your length.

Step 3

Putter is built and shipped.

Game Changing
Caliber Golf introduces the first ever rigid rectangular putting solution that conforms with the rules of golf.

The ability to place your hands in any position providing you the edge to control the putting stroke.

Improve sight to target alignment and square faced putting.

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Caliber In the News

Listen to ESPN Coastal host Rich Styles review of Caliber Golf putting solution.

“My Caliber Golf hockey putter grip has stabilized my stroke. It locks in my upper body and allowing me to merely rock my shoulders and follow through with my bottom hand to the target. Having played hockey my whole life, I liken it to making a tape-to-tape pass. In the last six weeks I have won some events and enjoy the game a lot more. It takes a few rounds to get use to but it is an innovative putter that is a must for all hockey and golf players!”

Matt Keator, President and Owner, WIN Hockey Agency
Win Hockey Agency

“I have been using the Caliber golf putting solution for four months now and have had great results with it. The feel is great and the roll of the ball is even better. If you want to putt better get the Caliber putting solution, you will be glad you did.”

Carl Valimont

Caliber Golf Featured Article
written by Gary D’Amato

KENOSHA — A couple of hockey players walk into a golf shop …

That sounds like the start of a joke, but it’s actually the start of a fledgling Kenosha-based golf company that is ready to roll out a putter so unique and functional it has a chance to make a dent in a multimillion-dollar market dominated by the likes of Scotty Cameron, Odyssey and TaylorMade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Putter Head Can I Use?

We can use 97% of the putter head made, which then attaches directly to the Caliber Golf putting solution.

Ordering and Fitting Process

Simply send your putter directly to our putting design lab. Once your putter has been received it will take a few days to complete.

How Is Caliber Golf Different?

Caliber Golf putting solution extends the length of the putter shaft. This allows you the freedom to place your hands anywhere.

About Us
Long-time hockey players and golfers, two brothers saw a need for a putting solution that was similar to a hockey stick shaft. After years of engineering they perfected their design and patented a solution that conforms with the rules of golf. This revolutionary putting solution is rigid, rectangular carbon fiber that extends the length of the putter shaft and gives you the freedom to move your hands and arms uniquely for each putt. Hold it how you like, the Caliber Golf putting solution will bring control and predictability to your short game.

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