Coming in 2022

Our rigid golf grip will hit golf courses everywhere in 2022.

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Empowering Golfers

Caliber Golf's goal is to empower golfers with a more athletic feel and freedom to grip the putter in countless positions. This is a rigid rectangular golf grip. It is heavier and designed to square the putter head at impact.

From the court, field, ice and greens - golfers have played many sports at all levels and have an instinctive feel. Caliber Golf grips allow golfers to feel more control and confidence when putting. The strength of the rigid golf grips are designed to last. Caliber Golf's focus is to provide golfers of every age the opportunity to score low.

About Us

Caliber Golf is bringing innovation to putting. Long-time hockey players and golfers, two brothers saw a need for a putter grip that was similar to a hockey stick shaft. After years of adapting hockey sticks to their putter heads, they perfected their design and patented a grip that is tour ready. The revolutionary grip is rigid, rectangular carbon fiber that extends the length of the putter shaft and gives you the freedom to move your hands and arms uniquely for each putt. Hold it how you like, the Caliber Golf grip will bring control and predictability to your short game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions we have received.

What Putter Head Can I Use?

Your current putter head attaches directly to the Caliber Golf grip using a hosel / socket. The hosel is hidden by a 'ferrule' which provides a smooth transition from the top of the hosel into the Caliber Golf grip.

Who Should Install The Caliber Golf Grip?

It is best to work with a fitter or contact a local golf pro shop to have him or her install the Caliber Golf grip to your existing putter head.

How Is Caliber Golf Grip Different?

Caliber Golf Grip extends the length of the putter shaft. This allows you to place your hands anywhere along the grip. This grip comes with or without tack (stick grip). Unlike other grips this is the first rigid golf grip. The goal is to create confidence to make a truly consistent putting stroke.

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