• "A grip & shaft that brings your putting game alive! My putting stroke got better when using the Caliber Golf grip. I feel more control of the putter face due to the design and versatility it allows me when gripping my putter. My putting stroke average has gone from 30 to 26."


    Eva Rogers
    Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in America
    PGA Teaching Professional

  •  “Every one of my students who tested the Caliber Putter wanted to order one. I feel that the golf ball rolls more accurately on the target line and will lead to more hole putts from inside 10 feet. “

    Chris Czaja, 2x PGA Teacher of the Year

  • "I have kept my putting stats for many years and this year, after switching to the Caliber Golf putter at the start of the season, I greatly increased the number of one-putt greens from 2021 (from 137 to 191) and greatly reduced the number of three-putt greens (from 165 to 88). The number of rounds played was similar: 54 in 2021, 51 in 2022. If that doesn't illustrate the dramatic improvement that I have made with the Caliber Golf putter, nothing does!"


    Gary D'Amato
    Senior Writer, Killarney Golf Media
    Vice President, Golf Writers Assn. of America

  • "Caliber Golf has done something truly remarkable and will change the way you putt. Never leave a putt short again!"

    Bryan Mullett
    CEO of Bradley Corporation
    2 handicap

  • “The Caliber Golf putter is the innovation that I have been looking for to improve my game. As a golfer my entire life making short par putts got harder as I got older. This putter changed my game and eliminated my hands and wrists, and forced me to use my shoulders. The results are amazing. It gives me the confidence to compete and to make those 10 foot putts under pressure.”


    Bill Carollo
    Big Ten Coordinator - Football Officials
    Retired NFL Referee

  • “My Caliber Golf hockey putter grip has stabilized my stroke. It locks in my upper body and allowing me to merely rock my shoulders and follow through with my bottom hand to the target. Having played hockey my whole life, I liken it to making a tape-to-tape pass. In the last six weeks I have won some events and enjoy the game a lot more. It takes a few rounds to get use to but it is an innovative putter that is a must for all hockey and golf players!”

    Matt Keator, President and Owner, WIN Hockey Agency
    Win Hockey Agency

  • “I have been using the Caliber golf putting solution for four months now and have had great results with it. The feel is great and the roll of the ball is even better. If you want to putt better get the Caliber putting solution, you will be glad you did.”

    Carl Valimont
    Retired Professional Hockey Player

PGA Teaching Pro