Fits Any Putter

Caliber Golf fits any putter to the players length.

Fitting Caliber Golf putter to an existing putter is a simple 3 step process: Cut, Epoxy & Align.

  • Step 1. Cut Putter Shaft

    Measure 10” from putter head & cut shaft. Grind cut end to ensure a clean edge at cut end. Use Long Stem Wire Brush to clean inside of shaft (if needed).

  • Step 2. Apply Golf Expoxy

    Apply golf epoxy to Caliber Golf connection bridge & 1/2” inside of original shaft (recommend 24hr cure).

  • Step 3. Align Putter Head to Grip

    When aligning putter head to Caliber Golf make sure there are 3 points of contact. This will ensure perfect alignment after epoxy sets.

Set Putter Length

After epoxy has set to the Caliber Golf shaft+grip, measure, tape, & cut to the preferred putter length.

Epoxy rubber end cap into place after cut has been made.

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