Our Story

Chip and Tim Wright were born with hockey and golf in their blood.  In Milwaukee, their grandparents were part of the inaugural junior golf program in 1929.  Later, their grandfather would become an instrumental figure in establishing the very first youth hockey club in the city.  It only seems right that nearly 100 years later, they would carry on the tradition of breaking ground in their own way.  

Dave and Betty | Milwaukee Journal | August 11, 1929
Chris | University of Wisconsin | 1973

With their dad’s enthusiasm for both Wisconsin seasons, Chip and Tim carried the torch of winters on the ice and summers on the course.  Inspiration finally struck Tim in 2018 to apply the athletic feel of a hockey grip to the toughest part of the course – the greens.  Enlisting Chip’s help, together they developed, refined and created the first-ever fully integrated putting grip and shaft.  The game changed in 2021 when the brothers were formally notified that Caliber’s putting solution conforms with the rules of golf.   

Chip and Tim discovered an edge that delivers a more natural and controlled feel for putting. Marrying their shared love of hockey and golf, the brothers are thrilled to launch Caliber Golf in 2022.  

It’s a great day for golf.

Brothers & Co Founders Chip and Tim